Basic cost of custom guitars

In order to know the total cost of guitar manufacturing, simply place a checkmark in the positions you need. This, of course, can not be an accurate cost, so as in the manufacture of every guitar there are so many different nuances. At least you can find the the approximate cost. Next If you going to order the guitar, we begin to discuss everything in detail. This price is not finite, it does not take into account your endorsement discounts. In order to find a more accurate value of the guitar cost., you can send me The custom guitar quote form

Basic cost of manufacturing “PA Custom Guitars” models excluding the cost of finishing, hardware, electronics and assembly. These models only apply our endorsement program $1250
Additional cost for the development new models +$300
Additional cost for the set neck or neck through +$160
Additional cost for the top of curly or tiger maple, zebra wood, wenge Etc. +$160
Additional cost for the fingerboard inlays +$160
Additional cost for the body and neck bindind +$60
Additional cost for the LED fret markers +$60
Finishing options
Standard satin nitro finish ore oil finish $160
Standard satin black finish $215
Standard high gloss finish $310
Additional cost for the airbrush, vintaging and decorative finish +$160
Pickups option
One pickup (EMG, DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan) $100
Two pickups (EMG, DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan) $200
Addition Graphtech GHOST Piezo system +$250
Hardware options
Gotoh / Hipshot locking tuners $80
Gotoh / Schaller Tremolo ore Double-Locking Tremolo $215
Gotoh / Hipshot hardtail bridge $100
Assembly options
Assembly and wiring the electronics $60
Assembly and adjustment the guitar $60
Total price : $